Pala 2011 is next week!

We are looking forward to Pala next week. Our hearts broke when Chad’s Honda failed and he DNF’s last week in Southwick. He’s had two DNF’s due to bike failure this year…Honda has really let us down!

If Ryan Dungey’s Suzuki hadn’t failed him at the beginning of the season, he’d be winning in points. If his Suzuki would have started so he could have run the race with everyone else in Southwick, he wouldn’t have had to do that amazing “3/4 lap late” start, and worked his way all the way up to 7th. We were really rooting for Dungey to beat Villapoto. RD has been far more consistent than VP during the whole motocross season. Sure, RV is fast…most of the time. But Dungey is fast all the time…if his bike runs. We hope he takes that plunge and jumps to KTM like the rumor mills are suggesting.

Don’t get me wrong, we do like Villapoto…but since he was just off of the SX championship, and with dismal outdoor results in the beginning of the season, we wanted RD to show he could beat RV even if RV wasn’t injured.

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